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Welcome to Yalee Brand, a distinguished name in the UK frozen food industry, proudly brought to you by M&S Foods Europe Ltd. Located at Quintex House, 278A Abbeydale Road, Wembley, Middlesex. Yalee Brand specializes in delivering premium frozen seafood and meats to caterers, restaurants, hotels, and discerning consumers across the UK.

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Wholesale Expertise

Our main business is wholesale, providing bulk quantities of premium seafood, meats, and vegetables to businesses across the UK. With our own distribution network, we offer prompt and reliable service, operating seven days a week to meet the demands of our customers.

Customer Experience

We invite customers to visit our trading counter, where they can see and select products firsthand. This direct interaction helps us build stronger relationships with our customers and ensures they get exactly what they need.

Global Sourcing and Distribution.

Yalee Brand is well connected with supplier networks around the world, including Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, South America, and more. Our global reach ensures a consistent supply of high quality products, catering to the diverse needs of our customers.

Strategic Location

Our warehouse is strategically located off the North Circular, providing excellent connectivity to Central London, North West, East, and even the North of the UK. This prime location ensures efficient transportation and logistics, making it convenient for our customers to receive their orders promptly.

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Our Commitment to Quality

At Yalee Brand, quality is not just a promise; it’s a practice. We continually refine our processes based on customer feedback, ensuring we deliver nothing but the best. Our dedication to quality has made us a leader in the seafood industry, known for our expertise in tuna loins and other premium seafood products.




Our Client's Reviews

Casmiro Dias
Casmiro Dias
Very friendly staff, good deal with fresh prawns
Malarvili Theivacumar
Malarvili Theivacumar
Excellent quality and cheap . Moreover free parking available for customers esp in Wembley
Ruth Dhaval
Ruth Dhaval
Grate place for fish, mostly frozen but fresh prawns are large for a good Kg price. We have had live crab from hear before just depends on what they get in.
Denny Joseph
Denny Joseph
Good customer service
Ali Ali
Ali Ali
First time visit. Really helpful guy very honest and provided an excellent fish for lunch.
MAC Hotkeyz
MAC Hotkeyz
Good range of fresh fish and owner is very helpful
Sipriano Dias
Sipriano Dias
Fresh and frozen fish. Reasonably priced.

Quality Assurance and Certifications


Yalee Brand operates under the highest standards of quality and safety. We hold certifications and approvals from all relevant authorities, ensuring our products meet both local and international standards. Our commitment to food safety is evidenced by our adherence to the HACCP Food Safety Management System.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure responsible fishing practices and ethical sourcing. By choosing Yalee Brand, you support a company dedicated to preserving marine ecosystems and promoting sustainable practices.

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Our Specialties

Premium Seafood Selection

Our specialty lies in our extensive range of seafood. We source exotic fish and seafood from pristine waters around the globe, with a special focus on fish captured from Sri Lankan waters, ensuring natural flavor and freshness for a superior culinary experience.
Source regions:
  • New Zealand – Half-shell mussels.
  • Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Brazil – Prawns.
  • Vietnam, Malaysia – Pangasius.
  • China – Tilapia.
  • Sri Lanka – Tuna, Grouper, Snapper.
  • Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia – Kingfish.
Each product is carefully selected and processed to maintain its natural flavor and freshness, ensuring a superior culinary experience for our customers.

Frozen Vegetables

We offer a diverse range of frozen vegetables, sourced from trusted suppliers to complement our seafood and meat products. Our vegetables are frozen at peak freshness to preserve their taste and nutritional value, providing a convenient and healthy option for our customers.


Our expertise is not limited to seafood. We also specialize in high-quality meats, including:
  • Australia – Premium beef and lamb.
  • Portugal – Goat meat.
These meats are sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring that every cut meets our stringent quality standards.

Order Now for Fresh Sri Lankan Seafood Delivered to Your Doorstep!

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